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lost? piano sheet music

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hey.... i really wanna learn this song.......but my play by ear skills are worse than my ears ....so would anybody tell me the piano chords and everything for this song?...and what the bass notes are and everything.......if u help i will send u a magnifect picture of a cake :D

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I worked out the chords for the acoustic version (not heard the album version so I'm not sure if its the same), pretty sure they're right, you'll need to work out the inversions and stuff cos they sound much better in some places than others...



Em7, C, G, D x 2



Em7, C, G, D x 4



D, C, G x 3


Its basically those chords all the way through, you'll need to mess about a bit to get the timing and stuff but its pretty easy. Chris also does a little thing in the bass where he uses the notes G, F# and E just before playing the Em7 chord sometimes (ie, before verses).

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