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the PET thread


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does anyone have a pet they hate or love?

a pet that died?

a pet they dream to have?


I have two cats that died and a couple of goldfish....

But I love my cat Rudy! he's my all black fat cat!

MEOW! :lol:

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I had 2 cats from the time I was 4 years old till 1999-2002. My first cat, Moggy (my favorite one) died under my porch in 1999. I don't know why she did, and I was SOOOO sad... My 2nd cat, Daisy died in 2002, she had cancer. Both were sisters from the same litter. I still miss them dearly. :cry:

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actually i had 2 dogs (ill scan some pictures when i find a WORKING scanner), golden retrievers named houston (12 years old) and holly (7 years old), we had to put houston down last january because he had cancer, and we had to give holly away a few weeks ago because my mom moved up north and couldnt keep her and my dad wouldnt let her stay here

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