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Coldplay on the cover of next Rolling Stone?


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I was just watching Entertainment Tonight. They were talking about David Cook being in the next issue of Rolling Stone, and when they flashed a picture of the upcoming issue I swear I saw Chris in his military jacket all alone on the cover!


But they only showed it for 2 seconds so I'm not sure I didn't imagine it. Anyone know for sure? cause I'm going to have to buy the issue if it's true!

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now i'm desperately trying to find out if this is true, but with no luck. if this magazine doesn't hit newsstands before june 28, there will be HELL to pay.


ooooh, but even if coldplay isn't on the cover, the new issue WILL have the VLVOD review in it! :dance:


EDIT: ok, i found out that the date on that magazine will be june 26. that gives us a bit of a better idea of when it's going to be out (though i think it usually gets out a few days ahead of whats on the cover...)

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this makes me really happy. like irrationally so.

friday?! ohhh, i'm SO making a special trip to go get it, since it gets mailed out rather late and i'll be on vacation anyway.


but erm...just chris? i was hoping that the "comeback" of the other three on this album musically (as well as vocally) would make jonny, will, and guy more respected etc etc. i don't know, maybe they WANT it to just be chris on there, but i feel like they get left out quite a lot :P

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i'm thinking 3 or 3.5 out of 5, but if i'm optimistic, 4/5 :D


tee hee, i've been really looking forward to their review of VLVOD because i trust them most. RS is like my bible. but i didn't expect a cover story so soon! with X&Y, also out in early june, we had to wait till late august.


YAY for my favorite band on my favorite piece of mail :dance:

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Tell me something Lore - do you have the hots for Chris Martin then??:P What if they just showed an image of the revolutionary drum let's say, or the new album cover??:laugh3:


nahhh Guy is hotter :wink3:


and I'm in love with Jonny since I met him :lol:


I'd buy the magazine anyway of course!!

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