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  1. When is the Coldplay Zane Lowe Apple interview where they might reveal Hymm for the Weekend.
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    True Love

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  3. Who cares what chris says. not everything he says is perfect. guy didnt say not to record so i dont feel guilty.
  4. Its just a loud dance song like lovers in japan. its good but nothing special. It has the same beat over and over again. combo between lovers in japan. It will play well in stadiums.
  5. here is a youtube channel of chris interview with stern...cant beleive he went on stern. I was just imagining this scenerio and the next day he is on. epic stuff. two legends in one room. http://www.youtube.com/user/ericthebedhumper2#p/u/3/_VCdnmM8fsA
  6. i prob could have gotten vip tickets through work but i didnt want to risk it for my job. Also If you want to the letterman show early or late you prob could have seen them getting in and out of the buildings.
  7. Driving 4 hours? I work three blocks from there and I am still hesitant to go.
  8. i need a link guys...i just woke up to this good news after sleeping with a princess
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    i need the album please

  10. I work close by so i stopped by the theater. First off how was one able to get tickets for the show. Second I went to the side of the building and I saw all the Colplday crew, security and stage materiels. I was kind of wondering if Guy would come out for a smoke or something. Also, If someone really wanted to meet them I think that would be the best spot. It would have been weird to stay untill maybe they came out or the end of the concert but I will probably go to the TODAY show when they come in October.
  11. they played a new song during south bank...I really wish its on the new album...I wish someone has south bank to download...it was during the end.
  12. it works if you change it to uk. sounds like a slower version of etiaw. Sounds melo not fast. Nothing special to be honest.
  13. Don't lie I believe you honey
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