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MTV - Coldplay - Weekend


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I was just "flipping" through the channels and caught the last few minutes of MTV Playlist Hits (?) or something.. and it was called Coldplay's across the pond. :stunned:


But did anyone else know of this, and will it continue through the rest of this weekend?

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in mtv hits??




It was like a playlist of their favorite songs or something.. I only saw the las 10 minutes or so... I saw Creep, and Wonderwall. Then it went off


All around the screen were like **Viva La Vida To Be Released 17June

and stuff xD

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i've been watching a lot...

they've done 3 differnet kind of playlists. the coldplay one, which had their videos, the hit list, which was some of their favorite videos i guess, and a make trade fair hit list.

their were several different hit lists. i watched one and wrote down all the songs. here they are

a-punk- vampire weekend

icky thump- white stripes

smells like teen spirit- nirvana

Always be- jimmy eat world

Knights of Cydonia- Muse

Basket case- green day

hang me up to dry- cold war kids

Time to pretend- MGMT

salute your salution- raconteurs

everlong- foo fighters

make it with chu - queens of the stone age

always where I need to be- the kooks

I will possess your heart- death cab for cutie

paranoid android- radiohead

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