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Third single?


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Lovers In Japan is the 3rd


Lost! is going to be the 4th (i guess) :wink2:


Hopefully VLVODAAHF will brightly shine until 6th to 7th single (maybe). Since parachutes, there's no official 5th or 6th single.

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do you know something about an EP? Or a release date? I hope there will be many B-Side Tracks:)


And what about the next album... there was a buzz that coldplay will release an other album after vlvodaahf...

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What do you think the 3rd single will be?


I think Lost is 99% sure for the next release. It's the new Talk.


To be honest, i don't want Lost to be ever released as a single.. i mean talk is 5 times better how can you compare them?:stunned:

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^It was. They're making a video for it right now.

I believe LIJ and Lost! are the next singles simply for the fact that somebody on here had a pic of their copy of the album and it said on the sticker "Featuring Violet Hill, Viva la Vida, Lovers in Japan, and Lost!" That and they're also close together on the album. Coldplay tend to put their singles nearly back to back on the albums.

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Hey StevenG-


I quote you


The Last Shadow Puppets




Arctic Monkeys

Franz Ferdinand


It will be a great year for music " - It certainly is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh and add the Rascals too.


AND-----------> just_a_spy is spot on. The sticker on the album says it all.

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