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Life In Technicolor - My recording attempt!


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Hey guys


Just spent a while recording this, and wanted to know what you guys thought! Farily mental recording involving drums, synths, guitars, basses, vocals, you name it.... I know the drums are completely different (i've just done it with tom-toms here, but that's all that my piano can handle!)


So here it is... if you love it, post below, or even if you hate it too, just tell me what you think! Cheers guys, much appreciated



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Thanks very much for the comments guys, much appreciated, keep them coming haha!


Stephan: No I don't have a dulcimer hehe, wouldn't mind one though! I've got a MIDI Module (Roland JV1010) which gives me loads of voices for the digital piano, and spent an absolute age flicking through to find the perfect voice... it doesn't have the reverb that the real recording has but it comes close


Trispieler: Thanks a lot mate. I know, I can't seem to get the acoustic to sound any smoother, it's just a cheapy pick-up I've rammed into the guitar, it's not a proper electro-acoustic... and it's only an £80 guitar :P Any ideas how I could mix it smoother? I'll see what I can do about the cymbal crashes, it's so annoying I can't seem to get a kit on this piano (something about MIDI channels... all very complicated!). Thanks very much for your comments!

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