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Nokia 3500 or Nokia 6120 ???

Ms Magpie

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So, I'm buying a new mobile phone and it HAS to be Nokia.


So, from those available I can't decide between models 3500 and 6120. The first one costs roughly 70 euros and the other one 100 euros.


I know that Nokia 6120 is more advanced and has this possibility of video calls etc., but at the same time there are functions I probably will never need like viewing .pdf files or sending emails and I know the battery lasts less time than that of model 3500.


I really need my phone only for calling people and sending sms messages (occasionally an mms).


BUT I really need that calendar option, currency/temperature/etc. converter and groups in phonebook (you know - when you can add some contacts to a group?) and I'm afraid 3500 doesn't meet these requirements.


What do you suggest to me? Which one to choose?


And no, I won't buy anything but Nokia.

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That's one nice piece of constructive criticism. Personally, I don't see what your dilemma is, if you wanta normal call and sms phone, the 3500 is great, but if you think that being able to convert farenheit into celsius is that important for you, aswell as the groups in phonebook, then paying 30 euros isn't that much really... If I was faced with the choice, I'd go for the 3500.. looks more stylish to me :P, and although my current phone does have the ability to convert stuff, I find myself using it next to never.

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