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We need a poll

miss capa

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Ah yes, Muse fans will be havin a bit of a giggle.


ha yeah, that's why i didn't choose it. I've heard soo many times Matt saying it that it just sounds so easy already!


Dezadizadozayodatodatidadiddont on the other hand..just crazy. I tried to pronounce it but i gave up after 13 letters "dezadizadozay...ermmm???"

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Haha, I made up that one, you need to b r e a k i t d o w n




all those d's confuse me :bigcry:


But it looks so easy when you cut it into smaller words mohaha

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well, i'm not even a native english speakers so although it looks nothing like a real word (that dizadaza word) it's hard to tell if it could be a real word or not




The only parts i understand of ALL the words are : phobia, tetra, hydrols and that's about it then


i know this: Tetramethyldiamidobenzhydrols has something to do with chemistry though!

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