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Coldplay "to give away free song"

bohs man

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Coldplay are planning a free song give-away for their forthcoming UK winter tour.


The four-piece want to offer fans who have purchased tickets the chance to get their hands on an unreleased track.


Lead singer Chris Martin said: "We're hoping to do this thing where we give away a song with every ticket."


The band are currently sitting at the top of the singles chart with Viva La Vida, which shot to number one on download sales alone.



Speaking on their official site, Martin added: "We have this song called The Goldrush, which (drummer) Will (Champion) sings.


"We want to play it as part of the show, so we'd like to give it away with the ticket. That way the only people that know that song will be the people coming to the concerts."


Ticket give-away


The band also revealed their arena tour plans.


The dates kick off at Bimingham National Indoor Arena on 1 December, before wrapping up with three shows at the London 02 arena on 14, 15 and 16 December.


"We've got some incredible balls," joked Martin. "And I mean that in the most technological of senses. If you come to our concert, you'll see the most magical balls you've ever seen. And ours is the first concert in the world to feature them."


"There are lots of surprises, including butterflies and painted drums and lots of colour and probably some things we haven't even thought of yet."


The singer also said the band chose to embark on an arena tour ahead of a stadium jaunt this time around because "we're not a stadium band yet".


"I think we're still trying to figure out how to make a room full of 10,000 people as exciting as possible, let alone a stadium. To me an arena feels like the perfect size canvas, so we're trying to master that," he added.


The band previously played a stadium tour in the summer of 2005, where they recorded the video for single Fix You.



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