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Dont Panic Glastonbury 2000


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Im a new member so not sure if this is the right place to post this


.I absolutely love Coldplay..There's a youtube video of them singing Dont Panic at Glastonbury 2000.It is so beautiful and Chris looks and sounds so innocent.He is adorable.I cry everytime I listen to it,because it just makes me sad about the innocence they had when they first started


Just wanted to see if anyone else feels like this

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First of all, Welcome ! :)


Dont panic is my favorite song ever !!! I love all different versions they did. Glasto 2000 was nice, I like the way Chris still needed to introduce themselves :nice:

I absolutely love Glasto 05, great harmonica part !

but my fave has to be versions of the song during which Jonny gets to sing his own part !!!


edit : i need to correct myself.. i dont like the blue room version of the song !

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I can't even describe what Will looks like in the 2000 videos. Honestly, doesn't look like him. For a second, I was like, "Why would they use a backup drummer at Glastonbury?" And then I realized it was him with hair. Think it works better for him without it, personally.

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