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  1. This is an awesome idea!!! I'm from Leominster, Massachusetts USA. My favorite song is I Bloom Blaum :)
  2. RIP Nettie / Jen Wow... I can't believe how time has passed. I remember she always had the funniest/best threads and I loved reading her posts. RIP Nettie <3
  3. OMG I would be beyond myself if the boys happened to play in Delhi, India while I was there for my wedding :dance: Trying not to get my hopes up though :sweatdrop: I hope they visit Latin America. I felt so bad the fan base there didn't get to see them.
  4. ^ It sounds like a really fast arpeggio bit, of random notes of Chris' eccentric choosing. He tends to go off on improv. classical streaks so it's difficult to specify one: see 2:46 onward [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bF087LV-CkA]YouTube - Coldplay Live 2009 - 2/14 Kobe, Japan (GPASUYF, Talk, Hardest Part, Postcards) ???????[/ame] I haven't found any videos with the "Politik" part, I guess he hasn't played it recently... just the Erik Satie piece. Sorry I can't be of much help.
  5. :dance: WOOO~! 2 DAYS !!! I CANT WAIT! :D where are your seats :P

  6. Oh yeah!!!!! Mansfield baby! :dance: We're gonna rock the great woods! ^_^

  7. :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :guitarist: :singer: :drummer: :guitarist: :jonny: :chris: :will: :guy: WE'RE SOOooOooOO CLOSE!!!!! :) :flutterby: :flutterby: :flutterby: :flutterby:
  8. Elbow's awesome song "Mirrorball" (Guitar&Piano).... so beautiful :daisy:
  9. SHOCKHOUND: Does being a pop star beat working at a supermarket? MARTIN: What do I think? The outfits are much more comfortable. The hours are more flexible. But I do miss the smell of fresh bread. ^ "smell of fresh bread" :lol: lol, oh Chris! i can relate to this.... Grocery store outfits DO NOT breathe at all! :sweatdrop: Haha, I don't know how Guy's outfit (aka the uber SKIN TIGHT JEANS) are comfortable though. :P
  10. Gah! There were pot smokers @ the Hartford show too! Smoke was billowing... and I mean BILLOWING above my head!! I remember Chris even commented about it near the end of the show. He said something like, "Thanks for coming out to see us, even with all of the drugs..." :lol: I laughed my head off, although I might have been high from all of the fumes... :rolleyes: The security guard I talked with said that @ Phish concerts there's seriously a giant cloud of smoke hovering over the "shed" by the end! :stunned: I never thought that so many people would smoke during a Coldplay show thoug
  11. Hey no problem! :nice: I wish we had some way to contact the band/their crew directly to answer our instrument questions! You know, I've always wondered.... What does your username mean or stand for?? :inquisitive: (haha, random question.. I know) :D
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