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Magazine articles (again)


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i've just realized that people from everywhere are posting scans of Coldplay articles from international magazines, so here it is the article from the portuguese edition of Blitz:





The rest of the article











This one goes to the perv unit :D The title means "we were needing to be whiped" by Jonny


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Oh, sorry, I didn't express myself very clearly. I was talking about the size of the images. Sorry to bother, but thanks again for posting them. I was really willing to read it because, in the Brazilian forum, someone posted some ad, but they thought it was some Brazilian issue.

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"The revolution according to Coldplay"

"The band that everyone likes but doesn't admit"



"Long live the revolution"

"In the eve of their return, Coldplay invited James McMahon to visit their secret headquarters. He found a band insecure about its past, but with a new and dashing musical manifesto (or something). The revolution of Viva la Vida is served hot."



"Somewhere in the north of London, where Camden ends and Primrose Hill begins, in the middle of a nameless alley, there is an old bakery. It isnt used for years, at least for making bread. It isn't the type of place where it is expected to be the cradle of one of the most discussed musical returns of the year.

But for the new owners of the place - singer Chris Martin, guitarist Jonny Buckland (both present in today's interview), bassist Guy Berryman and drummer Will Champion (both absent due to other commitments) - The Bakery does exactly that purpose. Its white walls give a type of shelter; a place to create and to think before the wheels of the London band start to roll again.

<<I used to pass here everyday and think "What an ugly place">>, says Martin. <<One day, i saw a rent sign outside and i thought "Hmm, that place is so ugly that i bet no one would bother us if we move there...">> Buckland loves it too: <<It's the 1st time the band has a home in conditions since we rehearsed in my bedroom in 1999>> says radiant <<It makes a huge difference>>.


<<Hey!>> shouts Chris Martin suddenly, colourful bracelets in his rists <<Do you want a guided visit?>> It would be rude saying no... In the 1st floor it is the studio, where they put their equipment. In the middle of the room, the technicians of The Bakery are reunited around a table with a microphone. Martin lows his voice,<< They are preparing for our tour>>. The biggest of the 4 walls of the studio has a picture of the Earth seen from space. The other walls are red, with slogans and scrawls in black ink. One says "Viva la vida", the other shows cartoons of the band and the technicians. <<I made them>> says Martin proud.

The control room is in the other side of the glass. However, in every walls there are pictures cut from magazines, of many icons of the pop culture. There is PJ Harvey, and The Stones. <<And A-Ha>>, Martin laughs. <<Coldplay loves A-Ha>>.

After the plants and more bathrooms than they need <<We have 5, it's ridiculous!>>, we see in the top of the stairs the picture of the Beatles. (...)

EMI is passing through hard times, and commercialy speaking, much is expected from this new work. (...)


I won't put the rest of it because you all know what Chris says, about the songs and stuff...I just thought this part could be interesting cuz it describes the way the bakery is inside :)


I will now translate some parts of the Jonny interview:



"We were needing to be whiped"

"Jonny Buckland. Coldplay's guitarist, talked with Lia Pereira, in London, and granted that the band will do everything to please their audience <<except ride tigers>>"

"He is the guitarist and writer of the millionaires Coldplay but he can walk by London's streets without being recognized. <<I get surprised when someone recognizes me!>>, agrees Jonny Buckland, an handsome boy but very shy, hiding his pretty face in the shade of a hat. Chris Martin, who chose him for Apple's godfather, said that there wouldn't exist Coldplay without Jonny but the guitarist says that it is the same for every member.


The english press said that Chris Martin had granted that they ended the recordings with backs turned, but Jonny says <<We didn't fight with each other, we are all very passionated by what we do and we all wanted to make the best work possible and each other had his own ideas. It will always exist times when we can't agree. Some of us have more tendency to get angry; me and Will can be really quiet, but Chris and Guy like to express themselves...>>


When they made the new album, Coldplay wanted to follow new ways and "have more colours", after months listening to Donna Summer, Rammstein or Gershwin. (...) <<The biggest challenge on playing in huge rooms is making sure that everyone feel all of that, even if they are 100 metres away from us. We are working in order to achieve that in the next tour, where we will perform in stadiums again. All we can do, we'll do, except riding tigers>> he laughs. Buckland decides to say goodbye to the portuguese journalists by asking them if in the eve they saw Cristiano Ronaldo failing a penalty in the final of the Champions League. Jokers, these Coldplay.

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I'm sorry for not translating the whole article, but it is really long as you can see. And most of it you all know already :) My main intention was indeed posting something about the portuguese press, once Portugal isn't in their tour dates. Me and all of their fans here in Portugal, don't really understand why they aren't coming to Portugal. They always came in their tours.

We are already making a petition for them to come in 2009, if you don't mind signing it (it only takes 1minute of your time) we would be very grateful :kiss:



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well i agree with you for the petition,


but they've not even visited my homecountry India a lot a fans there were bored a lot to say but they're still waiting there.i don't know why Coldplay ignores some people.


But i want to read the entire article.


if you can give me in a private message also its okay for me.

or else mail it to me.

i'll give my email address if you want.

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Thanks a lot! I must be going mad; I did'nt realise that you posted other links. I'll see what I can do and I'll translate the article.


That beginning part is actually from the NME issue along which they gave away the exclusive Violet Hill single with A Spell A Rebel Yell as a "b-side", so I'll try work out what the other parts say.




I do appreciate the fact that you posted the scans lots of times, but do you know any website where I can read it? I really can't see what's written, apart from a few words here and there.

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Yeah it would be good if someone could translate the rest, there are some persons who asked me for the full translation but it's too much for me, i have exams and stuff to study =/ although i really wanted to do it :(

But my goal is already achieved, we need to stand up and defend the use of our language ^^

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I do appreciate the fact that you posted the scans lots of times, but do you know any website where I can read it? I really can't see what's written, apart from a few words here and there.


Save them in your computer and then use zoom, i think every image program has it :thinking:

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