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HELP ME!!! I'm in love with a Guy look-alike!!!


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Okay I mentioned something about this in the 'Bad Guy Pics' thread ages ago but I'll explain a bit better this time.

About a month ago I went to this clothing shop with my mum to look for a gift to a friend. There I met this cute seller, that not only he was adorable but he was so damn gorgeous and I kept having the feeling that he reminded me of someone (only later I realised who it was - Guy). Anyways, he has deep green eyes and shoulder-length dark hair... and a to-die-for body :o ABSOLUTELY CUTE. The thing that confused me is that between our small talks here and there for an hour he mentioned he had a girlfriend (he complimented on the clothes I was wearing and said his girlfriend had the same trousers or something) but he was still flirting with me, checking me out and even asked my mum some things about me :oops: (she kept teasing me on the way back, "Oooh he fancies you! He fancies you!" lol)

At that time I was still in love with someone else but I still thought he was cute and stuff. Y'know :P


Two weeks ago I saw him again and it was for only two seconds (passed by the shop and saw him inside). But today I went there with my friend to buy some clothes and as I was stepping inside he was stepping outside and we nearly bumped into each other... if he hadn't moved I would have bumped into him hard cos I was dazed the moment I saw him... he'd puffed his hair or something so he has the big-hair thing like Guy. And he was bloody gorgeous!!! I felt butterflies in my stomach when he looked at me and my friend whispered to me,

"Is it him? The guy you were telling me about?"

I nodded cos I wasn't quite able to speak for a second or two, "....y-y-yeah. That's him." Then I grinned, "Cute, isn't he?"

"I don't know, I didn't really pay attention to the way he looked, I was too busy watching the way he was checking you out."

Grrr.... apparently the guy (pun?) turned around and checked me out for a few seconds before he left.


Sounds bizarre now but is it possible to fall for someone you hardly know? After the first time I knew there was no point in having a crush on him or something, not only because he had/has (?) a girlfriend (which is too bad for her if he's looking at other girls that way) but because I thought I'd never see him again. But then again, I've seen him twice since then and might see him again next week. And I'm going out of my mind, this is so bad for me but since that moment I've been smiling like a moron and I keep thinking about him....


Help me out! :cry:

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:lol: turns out this guy has a twin so I'll try to sort something out for you if you want ;)


Damn I'm wasting my time here, like he gives a shit. I need to get a life :roll: anyone knows where I can get one? It looks like they've run out of stock over here.

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GO BACK TO THE AND BUY EVERYTHING !!!! lol you'll spend a long time at the counter... and talk to him :D

no but seriously, try to know him a lil' bit ....


me too once i saw a guy look a like in the street, but he also had his girlfriend hanged at this arm :(

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hehe im not that desperate for a guy look a like lol.. my friend looks a bit like guy its funny lol..hes not that cute tho but yeah never really have been that desperate for a guy look a like..dont get me wrong im not saying you guys are desperate :kiss:

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l think no one is 'desperate' for a guy lookalike...it would be soo cool though!! :o :o ...imagine?! haa


angela...guy taylor doesnt look anything like guy...if thats what you mean?! remember...we both thought he didnt.... :shrug:

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