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  1. Heavyweight Champion of the World by Reverend and the Makers
  2. haha i cant decide! i'm confused! that was one of the funniest yet scariest coldplay moments i've ever had!!!! jonny is quite sexy though :)
  3. Arctic Monkeys Bloc Party Blur Franz Ferdinand Gorillaz Jeff Buckley Kaiser Chiefs Kasabian Muse Oasis Radiohead Robbie Williams Sneaker Pimps Starsailor Stereophonics Stone Roses The Pixies The Smiths The Streets The Strokes Travis U2
  4. happy birthday to mr.williams!! i wish i had vh1 or mtv :(
  5. once again, all those canadian cities in between vancouver and toronto miss out on a great band :( no fair :(
  6. http://www.starsailor.net that's a really good site if you want to listen to a lot of their tracks. starsailor rock!! i'm loving in the crossfire!!! brilliant!!
  7. And I'm not gonna stand and wait Not gonna be there until it's much too late On a platform I'm gonna stand and say That I'm nothing on my own And I love you, please come home (a message-----> beautiful!!!) You see the world in black and white No colour or light You think you'll never get it right But you're wrong... you might (Low) Under the surface trying to break through Deciphering the codes in you I need a compass, draw me a map (square one) You're part of the human race All of the stars and the outer space (white shadows-
  8. i just came back from Poland :( (but i got to see them in austria at least) ;)
  9. Hey, just wondering if anyone is going to this gig on sunday and if they have any clue on how to get there from Vienna.... me and a friend are staying in Vienna right now (on vacation) and we desperately need some help in getting there. help!! another question... does anyone know why it was changed from Vienna... i was so damn sure before i left canada that it said it was supposed to be there, then when i checked the internet a while back, it said this new place... and its also apparently a festival, with not only coldplay playing... ahh so confused. anyone else going?? oh and if so, do yo
  10. it's not working for me either :cry: can someone please send it to me [email protected] thanks
  11. thanks to who sent me talk! :D do you have the other songs as well then? like square one?? if so, please, send away!
  12. hey... can you please please send me talk as well.... [email protected]
  13. U2...How To Dismantle An Atomic bomb (fav. one this year!) The Streets.... a grand don't come for free The Strokes.... room on fire Robbie Williams... greatest hits Morrissey.... you are the quarry MUSE.... absolution The Music.... welcome to the north Franz Ferdinand.... franz ferdinand Keane... hopes and fears scissor sisters.... :P
  14. I SAW MUSE YESTERDAY NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M STILL IN SHOCK!!!!!!!!!! the venue was really small and it took people a while to show up... so i was right in the center front row without a problem.... i never in my life thought i'd be seeing them so close.... i only found out 1 month ago that they were coming to edmonton..... and wow!!!!! it was brilliant don't have my pics yet..... but my friend took a few with her cell phone which actually turned out pretty good considering they were cell pics. i'll try to post them for you guys!! by the way... i'm sure all of
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