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Kroq Winner??


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I would Faint!!! If I had them that close!!!!


I have to share this story with you guys... So a week from yesterday... I got a missed

call from KROQ and I was like what ???? So I had a vociemail and i listened to it was

Kat Corbett and she said... "Hi this message is for Vanessa (Me) , I'm calling behave of KROQ

that you have won front row tickets today for Coldplay on Monay July 14. Call me back at

800 520 KROQ and ask for Kat Coebett..? As Soon as i heard that I started jumping of

excitment!! I was screaming my mom was like What is wrong with you!! Five minutes Later

I get a phone call at my house I thought it was KROQ... but it was my brother and I told him

that I had won front row Coldplay tickets for monday.. He didn't believe me then I made him

listen to the voicemail. He said "Don't call wait until I get home I was like okay but hurry!!"

Ten minutes later I get a text from my brother saying don't call KROQ it was me who called

you! I was like WTF!!!!! My own brother pulled a prank on me! I was sad as soon as I read

that text I started to cry! I was upset!!! :(


I didn't talk to my brother for a four days straight!! He told me many times sorry and I would

even speak to him!!!


I was heart broken!!!

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