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need helping finding article


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I read either a letter or an article written by a girl that interviewed Chris years ago . he kissed her but she didnt like him.


Then they met a few years later and she couldnt believe how cute he had become.Does anyone know what Im talking about.I'm trying to find it but can't remember where I read It.

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Don't tell anyone but I'm currently working on a wiki project. Its very much work in progress at the moment and not ready for properly unveiling. I'm trying to collate media articles posted on WikiColdplay. I've done most of them except the last few days. The next part of the project is copying news articles over from Coldplaying.com to WikiColdplay, which I've only done a few from 2002 so far.


I don't remember seeing such an article so far. But you can check the index out here http://wiki.coldplaying.com/index.php/Coldplay_In_The_Media:_Archive


alternatively, try the coldplaying.com main site. there's a search option on their & the artciles go back to 2001/2002 or you could browse the news articles here but there are 450+ pages of articles

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I remember that article, it was that kiss and tell that skanky ho did with either The Sun or The Mirror.


Not sure if it's still around though was five years ago.

I remember that. Wasn't she some kind of a music jurno and it took place in Amsterdam or something. Maybe that was some other skank ho. :thinking:
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I know what article you're talking about, but I can't find it at the moment. Here's an article related to it tho. The skank's name is Emma Holland.




Here's an excerpt from another piece from http://www.theage.com.au/articles/2003/03/21/1047749924001.html


Martin's former girlfriend, Emma Holland, is saying that he's a lousy kisser who remained a virgin until he was 23, and that he's "clueless about the opposite sex."

She says she used to pretend to be asleep when Martin felt frisky.

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feels kinda awkward to read a story with so much details :confused:

Chris sure is adorable but if all of this is true, I dont understand why someone would tell such a personal story. it's just weird!

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