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Does anyone have an idea when coldplay releases the songs from the unfinished album?


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I dont think anyone knows the date yet Im afraid.


"Famous Old Painters"

"Glass of Water"


"Prospekts March"

"Death will never Conquer"


"Postcards From Far Away"

"Rainy Day"



you forgot "poppy fields" , " Now My Feet Won't Touch The Ground " " luckas" diffrent song from Lunar

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Also "Leftrightleftrightleft" and "The Dubliners"! ;)

I suppose ASARY technically fits on the list too, being written alongside the others.


I really do wonder whether "Now My Feet Won't Touch the Ground" is really Strawberry Swing or not. Perhaps it was its own song at first but later became a part of SS, like Rainy Day and DAAHF apparently did (is it true or not? seems to be a rumour :o)

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also songs many years ago are forgotten: Moses, One I Love, Animal, Idiot, Ladder to the Sun, Proof, Only Superstition, Where is my Boy, Gravity, Bigger Stronger, Crest of Waves, I Ran Away, Help is around the Corner...when will Coldplay release some of they masterpieces? The world have the right to listen to it! :) :cry:

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