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I'm sure they are. I didn't intend to actually become a "client" (anything he makes likely costs more then I make in a year), I just thought he might have a website when I could find a bit more info on some of the rig's he's made... (or at the very least I thought perhaps given his fame and the fame of his clients, someone else would have made a website detailing his work)

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yeah that could be interesting for sure. I was at a site once where they had elaborate diagrams of various guitarists rigs, but unfortunately Jonny's was not one of them. I've heard of other guitarists that have used him before but I can't think of any off the top of my head.


You seem pretty knowledgeable, ever think about creating a "technical guitar" site or something like that?

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I know he's very highly regarded (at least in the U.K.) and that besides JB he's built rigs for both Noel and Gem from Oasis, but other then that, I really know little about him...:embarassed:


Thanks for complimenting my tech knowledge by the way, though I would contend my skills mainly extend to looking up the names of stuff and matching it to pictures. I often don't know how the stuff I found the names to works...

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