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Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band

Guest Grace

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Guest Grace

there's no thread about them yet?

can't believe it.

all i can say is that i am so impressed with conor oberst's solo work.

has anyone seen him in concert with the mystic valley band yet? they're currently touring and playing a gig i could attend in september. the only thing is that i'm friggin broke. :(

my favourites off his album "conor oberst" so far are...

"milk thistle", "eagle on a pole", "nyc gone, gone" and "moab".

but in conclusion the album is a wonderful piece of music.

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Conor Oberst



Produced by Conor Oberst with the help of engineer … [read more]and longtime associate Andy LeMaster, the album was recorded in Tepoztlán, Morales, Mexico. Creating a temporary studio in a mountain villa for a one-month period this winter, Conor and a tight-knit group of fellow musicians, who aptly call themselves The Mystic Valley Band, crafted a lush and beautiful record that evokes the deep sense of harmony in which they lived and worked during that month.


Stream the whole album here:




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dear mr oberst,

you better have a pile of convincing reasons for why you cancelled the concert for today, otherwise i might hate you.



or at least not like you for a very long period of time!

i can't believe he cancelled the show for tomorrow!!!

must be the drugs. well.

he didn't even give any reasons and the organiser was informed about it at 3:30 pm on saturday!

strangely, the shows in berlin and paris were not cancelled!

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