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The mop cops: Yobs who urinate or vomit in street are made to clear it up!!


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The mop cops: Yobs who urinate or vomit in street are made to clear it up


By Luke Salkeld

Last updated at 12:17 AM on 02nd August 2008



Police have unveiled their latest weapon in the fight to clean up the streets - a brush and a bucket of hot soapy water.

Officers are handing the cleaning kit to anyone making a mess in public places and ordering them to wash it away.

Already nicknamed the 'mop cops', members of the patrol can arrest anyone who refuses to accept the chore.


article-0-0224DD0600000578-657_468x450.jpg Caught in the act: While relieving himself against a shop window, Jeremy Davies is apprehended by PC Ann-Marie Smith

Jeremy Davies was one of the first to be targeted when he was spotted relieving himself next to a brightly-lit shop window. He was promptly handed the brush and bucket by PC Ann-Marie Smith, who kept a stern eye on him as he scrubbed the offending area.


The 41-year- old builder, willingly accepted his punishment.

He said: 'I couldn't believe it when I was handed the brush and told to clean up - I could barely stand up at the time if I'm honest.

'It is humiliating and no one likes to be embarrassed in public. I think the idea will work for that reason alone. I certainly don't want to be doing it again. The coppers were nice about it, and now I've thought about what it would be like for the people who clean it up, I'll find a gents in the future.'



article-0-0224DD0A00000578-266_468x453.jpg Making amends: Mr Davies scrubs the offending area under close supervision

The scheme is being tried out in Torquay as part of a drive to curb alcohol-fuelled anti-social behaviour. So far the team carries just a single bucket and brush with detergent, which they display next to their van. But the initiative is already having an impact.

Acting Sergeant Mick Healey, the officer behind the project, said: 'Since we've had the brush and bucket with us, there has been a drastic reduction in cases of people urinating in the street.

'Clearing up the mess left behind is a dirty job, but someone's got to do it. And that someone should be the person who made the mess in the first place.'

Residents of Torquay are backing the initiative. Linda Norris, 42, walks through the town centre to work every morning. She said: 'I often have to hold my nose and watch my step as I walk through town. The smell has been horrible but now it's getting better.

'I think the mops are a great idea - I hope they rub their faces in it.'



article-0-0224DD0E00000578-909_468x667.jpg A brush with the law: PC Smith and cleaning kit

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