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Lovers In Japan Video


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Today my friends and I got bores. Busses to the nearest mall. While I was in Best Buy browsing the CDs I hear the opening to Lovers. Then look up and on the TV is Chris and the boys on the Viva stage preforming the song.


What does this mean?


1. Lovers will be the next single

2. There will infact be a live DVD(looked like the United Center)

3. Coldplay is awesome in public settings

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It was a snippet of it. a minute 30 at most. No butterflies. But it was defanitly a Viva stage. It also wasnt How We See The World with LiT dubbed.


I really hope they release a DVD soon. Then later on release another when tey are on their A game. Ala U2.


Im defiantly more excited about the DVD now.


I'd also rather Lost! have the Live video. I think Lovers can have a great video full of amazing imagery Japan is just beautiful and they should take advantage of that. Live video just wont cut it for me.

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