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When the truth is........... I MISS YYOOUUUUU

Oh HoNEy

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Hi everyone....


l miss all the old peeps....l'm talkin allschool coldplaying.com... lol...well l mean people like Fiona (shes on...but little :( ) ... Lisa (yes but you are hardly on anymore :( ) Ginger & ha even Nolan well...those are just few of the people that l NEVER see posting anymore well..if they do...they are just busy with their lives and its understandable...


l guess me is being selfish.... :cry: but l miss alls yah....l mean...you gave the word 'diversity' meaning...cuz the SAME people most everyday EVERY HOUR :stunned: ...well...l mean often... (l also do) ..anyways... l know l can't make the board the way it was...but...


l'd love if the 'oldschool' members came back more often :) *jus a wee simple request*


Now this site is BOOMING with LOADS of newbies!! well...thats awsome, cuz its obvious the word of 'Coldplaying.com' has got around... which is great, cuz some of em newbies l already fancy LOADS :D ;) :smug:



well l guess this thread is useless...cuz sometimes

feelings that are thought ...are BETTER thought than said....


xxxxxxxxxxx Vin

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im sort of a newbie,i had 2 change my name but b4 i woz sofaspud89 and i regestered in october last year so im a sort of newbie.

Still i remember talking 2 the 'oldskool' members and they all rock....angela u rock 2 bcoz u were the 1st person who sed hi 2 me so i fankoo 4 that.

Every1 rocks on here tho big time,and ur all great.

nite nite

luv kirsten




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according to the names on the side... Dania joined 4th April 2003' date=' momo joined 5th april 2003, call me pedantic, but...... :P[/quote']


hunh??! wtf!...i joined on 4th...i swear!...thats written under my name!...bahh!

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