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Newbie From Texas Here!!


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Hi everyone. I'm a newbie here on the Coldplaying.com boards. I'm from South Texas in a town called Pleasanton about 40 miles south of San Antonio and I have been a Coldplay fan for several years now. My favorite Coldplay songs are Viva La Vida, Death and All His Friends, Fix You, God Put A Smile On Your Face, Will's song Death Will Never Conquer, and many others. I also like other groups and singers like Weezer, 3 Doors Down, Metallica, and a whole bunch of others. I also like country music as well and I enjoy Chris' version of Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire when they do an acoustic set of their songs. I have also seen them on Austin City Limits too. Coldplay is super!!:cool:


Looks like we are going to get Hurricane Ike here in South Texas by Saturday, so please pray for us here in South Texas and San Antonio too. They are expecting it to be a category 3 at landfall when it hits Texas.


Anyways, I'm happy to be here on the boards and I'm glad to be a part of being a fan of the greatest group in the world.

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