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Hey Miss Mod (Jess), I have a question...

Sweet One

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aw i'm here! :D i haven't been on in awhile. but i missed you guys! :cry: ..hows everyone been?



i just got back myself..been to france with my bf but didnt felt like posting here or livejournal yet cos i really miss him and dont really feel like doing anything at the moment but apart from that i had a great time! good to see you back too :)

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and your dogs! did you take them with you?


I DID!! hahaha...they had a good time!! Sherman was jumping around the lake all the time that's why the place smelled like wet dog a majority of the time! hahaha..Bailey was so cute though!! he went into the water and it was too high up for him so he got scared and ran away!! Awww.....it was good..i'm leaving at 12:30 and it's only a two-hour drive, so i'm counting the minutes!! hahaha :lol:

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Thanks! I was listening to Incubus on the drive back home and it inspired me to get a new avatar! hahaha..plus, i'm waiting for a new cd..i'm getting incubus antsy!! hahaha...


So, what have you been up to lately my dear?? :)

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YOU'RE GOING TO NEW YORK TOMORROW???????? :o LUCKY!! I wanna go to new york!! Haven't been there in ages!!! awww...i love that place!! i wanna live there someday!! hahaha..


Will you eat a NYC hot dog for me?? Those are always soo good. :D


Have fun and be sure to tell me about the art museums! I love those places!! :)

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