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Music<>Moods postal analysis detection modulator *comp


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,initiate introduction protocol>>

Hello peeps :) !!!! (ooh, we're off to a flyer)����


<<begin>>k, this here is where you sound off on what muzak you have for what mood(s) you happen to locked into..I shall start us off with some catagories, please feel to manipulate this propaghanda to suit your own manifestos & agendas>>>go>>*terminate preliminary greeting/over*


1. anger management rawk! : music to smash things to..music for venting, raging, & generally starting a riot and going hella-postal to.


2. feeding your inner geek : easy. music that feeds the geek in you, cheesy, quirky, weird, whatever....or just fun/novelty music


3. wooa is me, pity rock, nobody understands me except_______


4. rump puppet bootytastic glutius maximus agitation device? Whadda you shake yo' thang too?


5. Captain happy's steering the shrimpboat paaarrrrtttaaaaeeee muzaK


6. weirdest highbrow/techie, electrowanking laptop djing to the max music (if you own any)




OK me:







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No answer to #5 Em? You must have Party music!!?? :wink3:

#6 can be highbrow music, as in classical, jazz, opera, etc...too, i'd include Beethoven, Liszt & Chopin in mine.


Buddy Holly!! WOOOOOOOOO!!! He was a MAJOR Geek! hahahaaa.. a 1 a 2 a 1234...Peggy Sue, Peggy Sue, a pretty pretty Peggy Suuuuuuuee :P

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ohhh... ok...


5. the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs :wink3:

6.Dave Brubeck Quartet :blush:



Oh yes... Buddy Holly... personal fave... "Rave On"


WWWEELLLL... the little things you say and do make me want to be w/ you... rave on its a CRAZY feelin' and I know its got me reelin' when you say "I love you"... :D :D

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yeah totally! I think that's the 1st time i've ever conjured up the words BUDDY HOLLY RULES ASS!! hahaha...there's only 1 friend i have that i can share something like that, the others would be too wierded out!! But he's a total music geek too so it's aight :D


so what other old school geekers you into?....hmmmmm hard one, they don't come more geek than buddy!! Violent Femmes i guess, but that's more modern-ish...there's Elvis Costello, does he qualify! haahaa he's one of those dudes i say i like yet own none of his music.. i should really get some :confused: :wink3: :smug:

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Ha Ha... yeah I always say I like Costello but don't own anything of his. :lol:




"I take one, one, one cause you left me... and two, two, two for my family... and three, three, three for my heartache and four, four, four my headache, and five, five, five gor my lonely...and six, six, six for my sorrow, and 7, 7, 7 for no, no, nno tomorrow, and 8 8 8 I forgot what 8 was for... and 9, 9, 9 for lost god... and 10, 10, 10... EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING!!!!!!


Other geekness.. Patsy Cline. :D


Yeah... I've got 1 friend, too, who would appreciate this stuff, buts that's it.

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"and you can all just kiss offf into the suunnn" WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! CLASSIC. A true Geek's anthem that one!!


Oh I own a Patsy Cline CD too! plus i got OMG i shouldnt be admiting this but since it's you, I love Neil Diamond! hahaha...."I AM I SAID!!!" WOOO!!!


ooh i've got soooo many compilations of oldies too, all kinds of oldies...i've got perry cuomo on vinyl baby, can you outgeek thaT!! hahaha

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Well... I don't own Perry Como, personally, but here in my house, he's all over the place! My parents are really old and looove him. We've got a "Perry Como Christmas" on video. :lol: :lol: Oh no... :blush:


Hey, I do own some Glenn Miller and Benny Goodman... burned it from my Dad's collection. That's definitly up there in geekdom. :lol: ;)

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