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Good acoustic guitar suggestions?


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I was going to suggest a Gibson Hummingbird, but they are quite pricey.

How about a martin D15 or OMC-15?. They're about a grand. The last one is the one chris uses on the live 2003 dvd. A great guitar with amazing sound both unplugged and with a pickup.. I'm getting one sooner or later at least :)

If you want a guitar for under 500 bucks you should check out yamaha. Their guitars are great for the price! I have a Yamaha FG-720S and i love it.

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I just bought my first own acoustic guitar, a Tanglewood TW15CEB after playing a while on a really bad ovasion copy. Before I bought the tanglewood, I went to different guitar shops and tried a frew brands.


Just choose a prize class and buy your favourite. Make sure you bring a friend or have someone who works there so that you get an out perspective on the sound quality.

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