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  1. Look at something from Yamaha. I have a FG720 that cost about 400 dollars. The sound is great, and the playability too.
  2. I started out finding songs i like that weren't too hard to play, and then just kept on going. Never stopped really :P
  3. Check out Kapone's tabs. It's in there somewhere
  4. "The truth is, as i learned, you can never really learn to play the piano, or any instrument well by playing songs you enjoy or want to play" This is the most stupid thing i have heard in a long time. They way i learned to play guitar was by playing music i enjoy listening to. Why shouldn't you do that? This is what kept me going while my fingers were hurting.
  5. Me playing my favourite song :rolleyes: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-kToiql_og]YouTube - Coldplay - Yellow Electric guitar cover[/ame]
  6. I so agree with you! It was the first thing i thought when i heard PM. Now i only hear half of it, because the song takes a radical turn in the middle. It could have been the best thing since parachutes, if the song had just continued it's natural progression.
  7. Just to be a bitch: The sampling frequency of 48kHz means that they get all the information between 0 and 24kHz. This is because you need a sampling freq that is twice the bandwith of the signal to be able to recreate it lossless back to an analog signal. This also implies that you have an infinite number of steps to represent the amplitude, which is not the case. That is where the loss comes in, as quantization error (noise). There is also a matter of coding/compression that makes those "pixelations" you speak of. The ear cannot percieve much above 20kHz, so there is practically nothing to
  8. Probably gonna get smacked for this, but i would sure would have traded my VLV concert for this one.
  9. He has alot of complex rack-effects. Probably some delay/modulation that cuts about all the dry mix, and only sends out the wet mix. That may be why you don't hear the defined strumming.
  10. Guitar : Standard american telecaster Amp : Blackheart little giant 5w Effects : MXR Micro-amp, Proco-RAT and Boss RV-5
  11. I love the sound of my standard tele too. It's just a matter of finding the right combination of guitar/amp/effects. Here's a vid of me playing around with everything's not lost: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KijmnEme9lc]YouTube - Coldplay - Everything's Not Lost cover (electric guitar) - Parachutes[/ame]
  12. The twangy sound is a combo of the pickup placement and the resonance of the guitar. You could probably replicate it to some degree, but a Strat will never sound like a tele and vice versa. And that's a great thing really :P
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