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There is a Lovers In Japan Video!!!


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24 Jul 08


Mat Whitecross is in Chicago to shoot the music video for Coldplay's 'Lost' from their new album 'Viva La Vida'. It will be based on their live performance at the 25,000-seater United Center in Chicago, shot over 2 nights, on 8 cameras, in a variety of formats. It's Mat's second music video for Coldplay after he recently directed their video for 'Lovers In Japan'. Both videos are due to be released in the autumn.



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i goota feeling this videos been there since the june 'cos if you carry on forward then you'll see:

Following his hugely successful viral video for Violet Hill, Mat Whitecross has just wrapped the shoot for Coldplay's next single from their new album. Watch this space for more details.

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oooo your counting life in technicolor...we thought u were talking about viva la vida as they have two videos lol...ummm...Life in technicolor isnt offical it was simply leaked of the internet


Edit: i was on about

Violet Hill (x2)

Viva La Vida (x2)


Lovers In Japan

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