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Like him or not? Good player???


I heard on a program that after playing for real Madrid for a couple years he might come to the states? Is that true?


That would be soo cool if the US started recruiting well know players from other countries....but that would suck for the rest of the world I guess...

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heheh Gvargas u never remember the old MLS pre world cup 94?

like when Bobby Moore, Pele, Beckenbauer all played in the USA in the 70's?


To be honest, Beckham is 28, when his contract with Real Madrid runs out, he will go for one last pay day...so either Japan or some club back home in UK.

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I dun think Dyer's gonna transfer at da moment, he was the man of the match in the match against Birmingham jz now (FA Premier League Asian Cup in Malaysia)


Yeah, we need a centre back, Traore is okie, but not good enuff...

Wat happened to Heskey? :smug:

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DoogieJ...I didn't start watching football until 1997...kind of a newbie...I watched it in Spain when I studied abroad there...my host dad would watch it so that's how I got interested in watching it...Spain has some great players...so no I don't remember pre world cup 94 :/

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