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The Official Coldplay Radio: By Goom


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An official radio dedicated to all things Coldplay has been created by Goom Radio - a new company based in Paris. Currently online as a beta version (before V1 is released on October 15th), at goomradio.com you can listen to Coldplay Radio as well as The Candy Station (official Madonna station) and the first 6 of Goom's professional radios. Fans will have the opportunity to become involved with Coldplay Radio by calling in and speaking on the air! Although just in French right now, the English version will be online very soon.


Users of Goom will also be able to create their own radio stations by creating playlists and up/downloading podcasts. Your station will then be broadcast to anyone who chooses to listen - and it's all free to use!


If you have any questions contact [email protected]

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what is the station called 'explicit content' :0


This station exclusively plays Hip-Hop and Rap.


Also, Allocine Radio is dedicated to playing music from film and TV :cool:


Now playing on Coldplay Radio : Life in Technicolor


Enjoy :laugh3:

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