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Lost guitar solo on piano


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I have the piano sheet book for Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends. And in the version of Lost in it, the part of the guiar solo is missing. Does anyone knows the notes for this part in the song? please help me! :cry:


You mean in "Lost!"? or is it the actual acoustic "Lost?" version?


Cause I would like the acoustic sheet if you have it:wink3:


It isn't included in my book.

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GREAT!!! Thank you very much. i cant´t believe it, how fast i get the information i´m looking for here in this forum!!!


@ TheBigC: i was looking for the sheet for lost! because only there is a GUITAR-solo ;) ... but i like the lost? version very much too!

so we got one version for the "piano"-solo and one for the "guitar"-solo! thank you! :)

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