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I'm nathan and I love to insult people


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You are actually a retard? Or are you just avoiding the question because you know I'm right?



david created it.. that's why the thread is here... and we post in this one as we do in lots of another threads.. and if you don't like just go away.. we don't really need you

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and now he's trying to change his version.. like poor little kid which posts were deleted :thinking:



I can't stand him anymore and I'm not the first person... I received a pm from Christa telling me that she doesn't like him either because he turns good threads into something really boring

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Mc is still the only only one on my ignore list :wacko: But i agree,i know ian is a super nice guy and won't ban him but maybe we could warn him? like suspend his posting privileges for a few days like we did before with other members? then he'll see that his actions have consequences

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