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Coldplay Charts and Sales: Discussion


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Everything you guys know about anything involving coldplay charts and sales on their recent albums and the new one could be posted in this thread... I know patrizio has a thread for the viva la vida sales...but in this thread we could all discuss anything under the sun about sales etc ... involving anything coldplay:cool:

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I only know so far that Para got 8.5 mill on sales?


X&Y got hmmm. 10.7?? if im correct or if it surpassed the 11 mill ark already...? AROBTTTH SHould surpass 13 mill but i know it still got 12.2 mill so far.. it s a shame para never got to the double digits..maybe sometime

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Hot Digital Songs

27(20) Viva La Vida 39,797 -13 45,500 2,598,321


Mediabase 11/11/2008

Lovers In Japan

Aud: 4.695m (+0.439)

Spins: 1049 (+118)


US Airplay



13(18) Lost! 824 plays (+100)

Audience: 3.737m


Triple A

01(03) Lost! 558 plays (+75)

Audience: 2.224m

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