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What time are they hitting the stage/what time are they finishing?

ed vedder

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My wife and I are going to the Dallas show and we're a bit concerned because we have a 2 month old baby and we live about 45 minutes away, first time to leave her, blah blah blah. We just want to estimate as best we can and know what to expect. If you've been to any of the recent shows this tour let me know what you can recall about the show regarding what time they hit the stage and what time they finished, or how long the show lasted, etc. Thanks!

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Yeah that's about right Green Eyes. I would say 8:30 just in case they go on a few minutes early and they'll be done by 10:30 or right around there.


And as a parent who has been through it....don't worry about your baby...they won't even know you're gone at that age:wink:

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