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The 7 Most Retarded Ways Celebrities Have Tried to Go Green (Coldplay included)


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Yep, when will they learn? :rolleyes:


I guess it's their "job". Though there's plenty of NECESSARY jobs out there. They're really not making the world a better place with bashing celebrities :laugh3:


"What do you do for a living?"


"Oh, I get to find out whether or not Angelina Jolie is pregnant again so I can make her pregnancy hell!"


"Ooh, exciting!"


whatever :rolleyes:

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In our wonderful modern world, there is always a disconnect, but consider what the role of artist is - to project a sense of which choice means what. I mean, we all live in a world of environmental triage - by making a choice to use the media, which is supported by all the coal-burning power plants of the world (outside of France, but that's another story), and all the magical chemicals which run huge risks, it's the role of the artist to take the pallet they're given, and make it better by showing what's better to the buying public. Call it education with sex appeal; call it the connection made by celebrity charm - whatever you will, it is a way of getting to the core thoughts of us all, and making the ecological and sociological concerns take a forefront.

So while the means are not always green at present, we have to sometimes prime the green pump, and accept a certain level of disconnect to manifest a broader change, which helps us all transition to a better world.



Anyhow, just babbling - have a good night!

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"I'm a massive tool, all the time."


Ouch. That's quite a burn, guys :rolleyes:


I thought this article was going to mention the fact that they drop a crapload of confetti at every gig... As amazing as it is when you're on that floor drowning in butterflies... It's kinda hypocritical of them and bad for the environment. :embarassed:


But overall they're such an eco-conscious band it's pretty hard to hate on them for it, as this lame article proves. :P

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Artists are portrayers of the human world - a mirror to us all - and so, I think they deserve leeway with their artistic license - it's the only way new ideas, or ever relevant ideas sometimes can be projected to the mainstream world we all live in. Look at the Earth at night. You can see it - we glow so brightly, it's no wonder we have an energy problem! We have a collective common-sense problem! So they as artists are focused at the details that magnified by a billion represent the aspirations of many; if that requires working with the tools they are given, then that's how we operate at present.

To try for perfection is to either set the stage for Buddhism as example, or to paint oneself in a corner - so as long as the world pays attention to the Buddhists as their reverence for life is fantastic, we are set - but the common culture, as was the place in Egypt as it is now, is focused on the celebrity, be they royalty or otherwise, it's good to have celebrity portraying a better future for us all, even if the means are less than ideal. Consider this - the very same drive that gave us the automobile came from the cannon's bore; the moonshot that showed us Earth from space as a delicate blue planet was the culmination of the Cold War, and the ensuing environmental movement took us only as far as the demand would carry. What we must do is complete the trip, and make it to the other side - to a better world of common elements, Green Choices, and a greater harmony with all humanity and nature...


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