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Guitar version of Death Will Conquer Me?

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The first lyrics of NMFWTTG are "Let me go boys, let me go", tha may give you a DWNC feeling.


The sentence "Now My Feet Won't Touch The Ground" features in Strawberry Swing, in Life In Technicolor II and in Now My Feet Won't Touch The Ground. And there's a song with similar name, called "No More Keeping My Feet On The Ground".


Lyric repetition is common now.

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Yeah, definitely! I think these songs are brothers, even without the rest of the album/ep. I love them both, and I think that even though I put NMFWTTG in the 'Death And All His Friends' category, there is also something in this track that is uplifting, like the narrator is finally free of the war/conflict that's been hinted at. The narrator in 'Death Will Never Conquer Me' doesn't seem ready to deal with death yet. He's like the younger brother, or younger version of NMFWTTG. I like that he talks to the 'boys', too.


I think too much, but I love the imagery and storyline of the pieces in the Vida era.


Incidentally, the lyric itself opens and closes the EP in LITii and NMFWTTG

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