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Women found in Worm's Brain!

chuck kottke

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:PYes, in an ironic but yet deserved twist of fate, a worm known only as muggie (owing to the bisexuality of most terrestrial earth worms, a gender-neutral name was chosen for the worm at birth from it's egg case) has been found, and after being passed through an NMR, a small but significant portion of native-born women from the island of Easter have been found spiritually inhabiting muggie's brain, causing the worm to have a counterclockwise twist, a preferred taste for nachos without cheese, and a deficiency in the element selenium.

All this could have been prevented, if only the egg had decided to roll away from the serious-looking statues on the island, and search for a more spirit-neutral location among the tall native grasses on the north side of the island..

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