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Viva La Vida(album)= Prospekt's Adventures??


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I remember Chris saying that Prospekt was a character he made up.I think on the song Prospekts March he said it was about Prospekt being lost and not be able to find his way home.And I was thinking and wondering if Viva La Vida(album)could be about Prospekt.Even the EP.Maybe not,but I think it would be interesting to incorporate that thought when listening to the songs.Seeing has how they always signed the blog entries as "Prospekt".It seemed as if they loved the word or character Prospekt.Maybe that has nothing to do with it.I find Prospekt(the character) to be very interesting after hearing the song Prospekts March.But what you do you guys think??

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Well, Violet Hill, A Spell a Rebel Yell, and Prospekt's March all seem to be about the same story and person or world at least. Viva la Vida (the song) seems like it may be related too. I get the impression that there was a story, but then it got broken up and abandoned in pieces during the recording process. Who knows?


Wouldn't it be neat though, if he did write a proper story cycle?

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i've never been one for concept, story-albums really, or songs about made-up characters in general, but the song "prospekt's march" did intrigue me. i think that the idea must originally have been to make the entire album about prospekt and his adventures, but it just didn't work out that way--i think the guys have a bit more work to do before they can pull off something like that. at any rate, i'd really like to hear chris's original plan for the odysseus-like prospekt :D

(and i can't spell oddysseus for the life of me :\)

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