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Golly!! They've junked the jam!!


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Golly! They've junked the jam: Robertson's is to be axed after 144 years on the shelves


By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 10:08 AM on 08th December 2008





Robertson's jam, a breakfast table fixture for generations and a symbol of controversy over its use of the Golly character, is being axed.

The makers of the jam have decided to concentrate on another brand, Hartley's, instead.

Robertson's has been part of British life since 1864, when the business was started by Scottish grocer James Robertson behind his shop in Paisley.






End of an era: Robertson's jam will be axed from the shelves, although the golden shred marmalade, left, will remain


The Golly character, a black-faced minstrel doll with colourful clothes, was on the label for the best part of a century.

It spawned badge collections and dolls but was condemned by some as an offensive caricature of black people, based on slave dolls.

The Golly was axed from TV adverts in 1988, and disappeared from the labels in 2002.

Now Premier Foods, which bought the brand last year, is getting rid of Robertson's jam, although Golden Shred marmalade will survive.

A spokesman said: 'We took a decision that Robertson's and Hartley's were similar products and so the focus has been on Hartley's.'


Robertson's will go by the end of next year, said the industry magazine The Grocer.


article-1092640-02B9B32B000005DC-271_468x610.jpg Axed: Golly was taken off labels in 2002

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