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Would appreciate some advice :)

Dan 6N

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Hi guys,


Me and a few mates are going to see Coldplay next Monday (the 15th) and would really appreciate some advice on people who have seen them lately.


Basically, our problem is getting back home from the concert Monday night. I've been looking up train times etc. We all have school the following day so staying in London isn't really an option. My question is what time will we be out of the arena? The last train we can really possibly get is 20 past midnight from London Bridge but I don't think that getting from the o2 to London Bridge is going to be easy either if it's too late..


Any help or advice would be appreciate,



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Ok thanks.


One last question then I'll leave you all in peace :P

It says on the tickets doors open at 6.30, as we've already got allocated seats is it worth queing up ages before or shall we just turn up at 6.30 because it's not gonna make any difference where we're sitting is it?




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Nah, you don't need to bother queueing. Most people won't queue when they've got seats, unless the weather's really manky and they want to get into the warm and dry. First support was on at 7ish, but you shouldn't have any problems getting in time if you want to.

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