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Right I need some personal advice.


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Kay, so my sim is called Landon. And right now he lives with his mother. She's getting kinda cranky and gets annoyed when he wakes her up late at night after coming home, and he doesn't have a job so he just bums around.


So I was looking through the newspaper but I dunno what type of job to get. The main aim is to save money right now so I can move him outta his mam's house.


I can go for the sport career or the film star career. What do you think?

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As much as none of you guys helped, I tried to become an actor.


It went really well at first, I was getting some director coffee but then one day off I went to an amusement park and sort of forgot to eat, so I collapsed and every time I woke him up, he'd take a few steps and then collapse again. So basically, to cut a long story short, I missed the next 2 days work trying to get back home.


So they fired me.


I have no money because I spent it all on food. So yeah... I think I'm about to get a job as a cheerleader or mascot or something. Hopefully that'll go well.

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don't we have a thes sims thread somewhere on the board already...


which sim are you playing Jack? for mobile, computer?


I do play it on PC.

my sims 2 don't have those possible works/career :thinking:


you must be careful with the one you choose.. do follow what i'll advice you to do (get knowledge on creativity, and all that stuff), and get friend, it will allow you to be promoted, and better that way than to get a situation question where you have to choose between, yes, no... better pass it and let your sim be promoted for his efforts to improve himself, personally and socially.


i can't advice you anything more. :\

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Sorry the acting field didn't work out. I suck at career ladder-climbing on The Sims. I'll kick ass for like a few promotions and then I always hit a mark where I just can't obtain the next promotion. :( I tried making my Sim a doctor but she always stuck as a EMT...meh.


Anyways, hope it works out. I miss playing that game, but my computer can't hold anymore memory....or it'll be even slower than it is now!

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i agree with you annie. so addictive :embarassed:

and it damage computer memory :dozey:


i use to make them go for science or medicine too. :thinking: i found it easier, but it depend on the character, some them are very lazy and so they don't fit well.


we should be talking about it on The Sims 2 thread that we have already on the board imo.

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