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The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards

The Gutless Wonder

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As this forum is called The World Of Music! If you like bagpipe music or just something a bit different I definitely recommend their Spirit Of The Glen, Parallel Tracks and latest Spirit Of The Glen: Journey albums. The new one was recorded in Basra, Iraq which is quite incredible considering the temperatures over there and of course the constant dangers. Excellent stuff!

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As long as one likes it, who cares?



I looove the bagpipes, they send chills down my spine.


Promote away, Gutless Wonder!:D


Thank you! Some common sense! If you haven't got these albums I recommend them mightily! Regarding posting threads after making a couple of posts, as long as you are not flooding a forum (learnt that lesson!) or unnecessarily bumping threads then I don't see what the problem is really! I did the necessary checks to make sure there wasn't a similar thread. There also seems to be a bit of disregard for the hard work these guys are doing whilst also being such amazing musicians. A little bit of respect please.

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Erm, but surely posting in any thread will 'promote it'? (Those Radiohead and Keane fans must be raking it in!).

Well Mr McSquared why don't you go and check out Spirit Of The Glen instead of just knocking it without even bothering to listen to it. The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards have just as much a right to be mentioned on a music forum as any other band or artist. If the music doesn't interest you please don't bother posting just to snipe. Judging by the website address in your sig I take it you are a Manics fan? If so I'm ashamed of you. I'm a girl by the way! ;)

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