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recieved. Possibly the best song written in 10 minutes ever.



couldn't have happened without hose first two lines, you saved my ass on this one



Man, writing a song like that is like going to a shrink and getting all the crap off your mind, it just feels so good.


or in lamens terms, it's like going to the bathroom after you've been holding in for 2 days


Thanks much Bryce, you've made my day...night...morning...I need to go to bed:stunned:

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what song

A song I wrote last night with the help of Bryce to get me past writer's block














hi :nice:

Hello Simon!:cool:


How's things going with you then lately?

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You were gone?


I'm not just being a dick, I genuinely didn't notice :lol:

That's okay, it seems most people didn't realize until I made this thread:rolleyes:


i've been fine thanks! :D, Very busy! :P, you?

Same, always busy. Busy failing all my classes, busy being lazy:P

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