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Okay, this is my interpretation of the song… I’d like to hear others so that I can think over my own.


I think the song could be about war. War generally. Or maybe Afghanistan.


Smoke is risin' from the houses

People buryin' their dead

I asked somebody what the time is

But time doesn't matter to them yet

People talking without speaking

Tryin' to take what they can get

I ask you if you remember

Prospekt how could I forget


(“Normal” life after war is slowly coming back, people burying their dead now (in mind or real). A person is asking about the time, but that’s not what people care about now. They have desperation in their eyes and hunger. Two persons are talking about what happened back then, it’s been a while, but how could they forget?)



Here it comes!

Don't you wish your life could be as simple

As a fish swimming round in a barrel

When you've got the gun

Oh and I run

Here it comes

We're just two little figures in a soup bowl

Tryin to get beyond a kind of control

But I wasn't one



Big noise (guns, bombs, whatever)

People are wishing their live could be simple again, they want to have the weapons and defend, but all they can do is run, they’re just little people with no power, they’re weak.)


Now here I lie on my own in a separate sky

And here I lie on my own in a separate sky

I don't wanna die

On my own here tonight

But here I lie on my own in a separate sky...


(The person feels all alone, has lost his family and friends, he feels weak, he is feeling death is coming for him very soon as well… Dusk is falling. Will he still be alive the next day?)


I personally don’t think about war when I’m listening to the song… I’m selfish, and think about my own… uhm yeah, you know.

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To me there's a distinct possibility that the first half is people recovering after a first attack and the second half is a second wave. I also really like your flashback theory, which is what I first thought of, but now I'm split between the two. But either way, it's definitely about war.

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I think this song is about the situation that might come soon , all the album of coldplay is a warning to us they continue to do so with their new songs we have to open our eyes and to be careful cause this world it is not as we see it this world is ruled from some secret "crocodiles" that have one eye watching us /see in the 1 dollar the pyramid sign and do a research, going back to the particular song prospekt's march its about a after war time where the world is all in chaos after a cold violent war that came, chris sees his self like a solider who has lost everything and lies in a place all alone with all the beautiful things he had in his life gone

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