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President-elect Barack Obama's conference!

chuck kottke

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:dozey::rolleyes: Nyet! Unlike Bush, Obama has the smarts & ethics to do things right, and I think it will take our nudging and communications to give him the backing he needs to deflect some of those who don't want reform. I really get the feeling he's an honest man, and a square shooter. Beating back the lobbyists will require a great deal of vigilance..

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All I'm saying is don't be too presumptive - I think the pull of the citizenry at least stands a descent chance of getting somewhere with Barack. I sense a genuineness in Barack which was lacking with Bush, and a clarity and honesty which was lacking at times with Bill Clinton, and I really think he means what he says. It will take a lot of pressure to steer things away from the money hounds and towards the will of the people, but I get the sense he's willing to his best for us. I could be wrong, but that's the sense I get from his presentations..

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