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Things that piss me off.


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Things that annoy me right now.


- People who block the way and walk slowly and make it impossible for other people to get through. Especially if that person's wearing a fucking Limp Bizkit t-shirt. Or is old. Is there anything worse than old people blocking the road? They don't need to be more than one or two, they still take up so much fucking space and walk so fucking slowly that no one else can fucking get through. If you want to discuss the fucking weather, go somewhere else. Not that it's much to discuss anyway, IT'S CRAP.


- People who work places and should at least pretend to be not a complete asshole, cause, guess what, it's your job to help people and be... helpful (fuck off, I can't think today). So don't fucking tell me you don't have enough change when I can see perfectly fucking well that you do. You had more fucking change than the guy who eventually helped me, you.. something (shh. I'll just pretend it was something too mean to say).

If you're stupid enough to get a job in an airport, sitting beyhind a desk, doing what? Helping people!, then if someone who needs fucking help come to you, don't fucking be rude to them. BE FUCKING HELPFUL. Not everyone has a dad who can yell at you. If you really think it's too much fucking effort putting a fake fucking smile on your face and at least try to be remotely polite, GET ANOTHER FUCKING JOB.


- Same goes for people in banks. YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO KNOW WHAT TO DO IN DIFFICULT FUCKING SITUATIONS. You can't except a blonde sixteen year old who's never seen a check before in her life and doesn't even have a fucking bank account to figure it all out on her own. You work in the fucking bank, you know these things, you're just too fucking lazy or bitter or mean or whatfuckingever to even give people a fucking hint. IT'S WHAT YOU GET FUCKING PAID FOR YOU CUNT.


- English banks. Since when do you need to 1)go down to the fucking bank to transfer money 2)have the fucking address to the other bank when transferring money to someone else's account 3)wait six fucking days before the money you're transferring get to the other person's fucking account, okay so it's another fucking country, even mail takes no more than three fucking days. You have more fucking technology and I don't fucking know, you're all fucking gay.


- People who steal other's wallet. GO FUCKING ROB A BANK OR SOMETHING. Or at least steal from someone who actually has money, not a seventeen year old who has no more money than what's in the fucking wallet, and doesn't even look like she's been raised with money sticking out of her arse, and is visiting ANOTHER FUCKING COUNTRY.


- Street performers. For three fucking days, the same fucking guy was sitting there with his fucking drum, the same fucking rhythm. FOR THREE FUCKING DAYS. Okay, you only have one hand, too bad, I have an IQ of 10 and I could've done better.

If you really want to dance that badly, go to a fucking disco or something. NO ONE WANTS TO SEE YOU "DANCING" IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET with your magic fucking box. Stick it up your fucking arse, as it's pretty fucking obvious you like things up your bum. We don't want to see you jumping up and down screaming looking like you're orgasming, go to your own fucking room, WE DON'T WANT TO SEE IT.


- Children. Stop waving around with those fucking balloon hats (not that I want one), go home and watch fucking cartoons or something. Not much is more annoying than little kids running around causing you to almost trip and fall several times when the street would be fucking crowded without them. Oooh, hang on, I know something more annoying, OLD PEOPLE WHO BLOCK THE STREET, but I already said something bout that.




- The person who invented money. And like that wasn't enough, they had to fucking invent the check aswell. And make people believe that they can actually be used. IT'S ALL LIES. It's only yet another way of giving the bank employees the sick pleasure of telling us that they can't fucking help us. (See point two and three)


- When a record label decides that they're not fucking ruining people's day enough as it is, so they have to get some more fucking thirteen year olds who can hardly speak English and make them fucking sing. If that can be called singing. Not to forget the dancing, oh, the dancing.. I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about here, and I would sit here for hours if I was going to make this point more detailed, so I'll shut up.


- People (if you can call them that) who decide that playing fucking football on the fucking platform which is about 1,5 m wide. Who would ahve known the fucking ball would fall down onto the trail and you have to go down to get it? And who would have known that this would make you and your friends look like complete fucking idiots (even more so than before) to everyone around you?


- Both smokers and non-smokers suck more than vacuum cleaners. When I don't have the money to go and buy fucking cigarettes myself, the smokers are everywhere (they're also of course surrounding me when I do have cigs.), but when I get fucking desperate enough to fucking ask people if they have one to spare, the non-smokers seem to have taken over the world. Together with those who enjoy seeing their fellow smokers suffer, of course.


(All of the above and probably a ton more are lucky I'm too fucking tired to yell or punch someone.)

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*cries emo tears*


Ohh no, please stop being so mean :cry:


i only posted that pic to show that life is hard, things in life are going to happen that you dont like. thats life. get over it.


Sarcasm? What's that?

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ahhhhhhhhhh i hate people who are walknig in a hallway or something or jsut in front of you and they take up the whole frigging wall and theyre walking reaaalllllllly sloooooooooooooow ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


grrrrr! I hate them too! they know you're behind them, trying to get past but they still won't move :angry:


I agree with you marvin there are somethings that really piss you off but theres nothing you can do about it but rant.... so rant all you want! :D

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Hahaha, am I the only one who is still laughing with Marvin's fuckin speech??


I also hate unpolite people. When I meet my neighbours I ALWAYS say 'Good morning' but some of them just look at me and turn his head.


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