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Electric Touch: The Band That Will Save Us All!


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Hi everyone!


I just wanted to tell you about this band I saw open for the Fratellis, as well as Filter (you might remember their song "Take My Picture"). They are a fantastic band reigning from Austin, Texas as well as Nottingham, England. They're songs are fantastic with great melodies, catchy riffs/choruses. They are also a great live band; very sexy, great stage presence. I can't get enough. They're debut album is solid, not a skippable song on there. Anyway, please give them a listen (for me!), they're wonderful... I promise you'll like them. And if you want, I'll PM a song or two of theirs for you. Check out their single in this video I posted:

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7cDeeNMlO3I]YouTube - Love In Our Hearts by Electric Touch[/ame]


Anyway, have a great holiday and again please check these guys out! Cheers!



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