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BBC "Rythym Diary" with Guy & Will


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This is from 2005 but it's a series of great radio interviews with Steve Lamacq and Guy and Will.


You can listen to them here.





There are nine parts : 4 Guy interviews, and 5 Will interviews



you can right click and "Save Target As" for all of them.




Thank a gazillion time!! My two favorites in ITV *w*


But a have a big problem, the files are not working... :\ Real player opens but when I press play, nothing. Each file is only 4ko so I guess there is some problem here...


Does someone can encode these ITVs in mp3 or else???

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I have the .rm files but I can't seem to be able to convert them into .mp3, tried two converters without success, so if you want I can upload those in MM and you or someone else can try

I also have the .ram files (and it's quite easy to convert them with the site media-convert), but they only 'weight' 4Ko, which means they are corrupted...hence the not working thing...


So my question is: is the .ram files working for anyone? and if yes, could you upload them somewhere so I could try to convert them...

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