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Coldplay cover by Estelle at A John Legend Concert


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I was at the John Legend concert here in San DIego on Friday, and Estelle was the opening act. At the end of her set, her and her band just broke into a very upbeat and rock version of God Put a Smile Upon Your Face. It was awesome, and it sounded pretty good. Do Estelle and Coldplay have any kind of relation or connection? Or is she just a huge fan like us.

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Here's a video


[ame=http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=h3wbuYdA1lQ]YouTube - Estelle Does Coldplay[/ame]




And here's a shitty Coldplay/Estelle remix for good measure


[ame=http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=vL9kghknqeM]YouTube - Coldplay Ft. Estelle & Kanye West - Trouble with american bo[/ame]

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Oh.........sort off forgot how GPASUYF sounds like........


"Plays.......it on Music Player.........."


--oh i remember now this was one of my favorite songs..........off the ARBTTH album


"Good it gets recognition" but Estelle looks like our (laundry lady...............really )

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"There are 20 million reasons why a band sells 20 million records, but in the case of England's Coldplay, three stand out: They sound a bit like Radiohead, only you don't have to think as much; their lead singer, Chris Martin, is an exceedingly handsome and righteous man; and their huge, powerful songs walk that tricky divide between the private and the public." QUOTE]



40 million youve got the calculations wrong..........i mean.....the article got it wrong your siggy also>! anyways!! Cheers!

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